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San Diego's largest digital slot car track


Average lane length is 75', the back straight in nearly 18' for super fast top end speeds. This used to be a 4 lane analog layout of the Catalunya speedway. I went digital, added the Digital Extreme kit plus some pit lane entries and exits and now I have a digital layout worthy of any commercial track. All track and power is Scalextric Digital. Race Management is Scalextric Sport Digital Console from Jackaments Software. Pit stops are managed with the Pit-Pro setup from RikoRocket

6 Car grid - all digital


Exciting bumper to bumber racing.

Slot.it Audi R-18 custom


King of Beers deserves to be represented in Endurance Racing

Early track design and layout

Initial track build

Track Construction

Building the track was a chore that is for sure. Reinforcing the garage roof frame, reducing track weight, finding the correct winch to not only raise the track but also lower it at a controlled speed.